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CleanFreaks Detailing Services

At CleanFreaks Detailing, we are passionate about providing superior car detailing services. Our team of meticulous detailers use the latest technology and premium products to give your car the deep clean it deserves. Detail pricing varies by vehicle size and type.

  • Interior Detail $149 - $179 Base Price

    Our interior detailing will leave your car’s cabin looking and feeling as good as new. We focus on removing dirt, stains, and odors, ensuring a clean and comfortable environment for every journey.

    3-4 hours

    • Vacuum Interior carpets and seats
    • Steam treatment for all surfaces
    • Deep cleaning of door and trunk jambs
    • Interior ozone deodorization (if requested)
    • Clean & condition interior plastics and leather
    • Spot cleaning of the headliner
  • Exterior Detail $199 - $299 Base Price

    Our exterior detailing services are tailored to enhance the appearance and protect the exterior surfaces of your vehicle.

    3-4 hours

    • Clean wheels and dress tires
    • Clean and dress wheel wells
    • Clay bar paint treatment
    • Deep cleaning of door and trunk jambs
    • ​Clean gas cap area
    • Apply a protective coat of light ceramic coating OR wax
    • Shine exterior plastics
    • Hand dry using microfiber towels
  • Executive Wash $120

    Treat your car to a premium wash, quick vacuum, and wipe-down for a pristine finish.

    2-3 hours

    • Premium exterior wash
    • Clean wheels and dress tires
    • Vacuum Interior carpets and seats
    • Quick wipe down of all interior surfaces
    • Hand dry using microfiber towels
  • Exterior Wash & Wax $200

    Give your vehicle's exterior a clean and glossy finish with our wash and wax service.

    2-4 hours

    • Premium exterior wash
    • Apply a protective coat of light ceramic coating OR wax.
    • Shine exterior plastics
    • Hand dry using microfiber towels
Vehicle Type & Travel Fees

Tailored Pricing for Every Vehicle

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Specialty Vehicle Pricing

  • RVs & Trailers $10 per Sq Ft.
  • Boats Call for a quote
  • Motorcycles Call for a quote
  • Busses & Commercial Vehicles Call for a quote

Additional Fees by Travel Time (from downtown Portland)

  • Up to 30 min away $0
  • 31 - 45 min away $10
  • 46 - 60 min away $20
  • 61 - 90 min away (maximum) $50
Finishing Touches

Treat Your Vehicle With Our Detail Add-Ons

  • Headlight Restoration


    Restore clarity and brightness to your headlights, enhancing visibility on the road.

  • Tire & Wheel Cleaning

    $50 - $100

    Enhance the appearance of your vehicle with a thorough tire & wheel detail.

  • Clay Bar Treatment


    We use clay bars to remove microscopic contaminants from the exterior of your vehicle.

  • Color Restoration

    $50 - $100/panel

    Revitalize your vehicle's paint color with our precision rotary technique.

  • Cabin Air Filter Replacement

    $50 + $50/filter

    Breathe fresh air into your driving experience with our cabin air filter replacement.

  • Swirl Mark Removal

    $50 - $100/panel

    Treat swirl marks on your car's paintwork with our professional rotary polishing.

Let the CleanFreaks Handle It

Expert Solutions For Any Situation

  • Sap Removal


    Eliminate sticky sap from your vehicle's exterior, restoring its shine and finish.

  • Stolen Car Recovery


    Restore peace of mind with our comprehensive detail service tailored for stolen vehicle recovery.

  • Interior Deodorization


    Neutralize odors and freshen your car's interior with ozone (pure oxygen) treatment.

  • Pet Hair


    Say goodbye to pet hair with our specialized removal techniques, leaving your car's interior clean and hair-free.

  • Urine, Feces, & Vomit


    Address accidents and spills promptly with our thorough cleaning and sanitization services.

  • Stain Removal


    We’ll tackle tough stains and spills with our targeted stain removal treatments to restore your car's upholstery.

  • Mold Treatment


    Safely and effectively remove mold and mildew from your car's interior surfaces.

  • Moss Removal


    Remove moss and algae growth from your vehicle's exterior.

  • Trash Removal


    Clear your car of clutter and debris with our trash removal service.

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